Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy "100" Years Arizona w/ the MoTab

Tonight we had the wonderful opportunity to attend the concert of "The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra" at the US Airways.  The choir is made up of over a 300 member choir and about 60 member orchestra. It was absolutely fabulous.  We sat in in Section 212, Row 14.  Right in the center of the stage. Oh did I mention in was the very last row in the place.  We are talking as nosebleed seats as you can get.  It actually was not that bad.

We thoroughly enjoyed it. Me, Ike, Taylor, Cameron, Tom (AKA Dad), Tamye & Zack all went.  It was a concert to celebrate 100 years of statehood for Arizona.  Governor Brewer invited the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to come to Arizona for this special concert. It had been 46 years since the last time that had come to Arizona.  They performed a wonderful selection of songs.  Mostly secular music with a few hymns and a few patriotic ones.  a highlight was when Alex Boye sang a solo which was absolutely superb.

The best part of the concert  for me was at the very end when they invited a special guest from the audience to come up and conduct the final song.  Up came Ex-Superior Court Judge Sandra Day O'Connor.  She did such a great job.  It was so cute seeing her up there conducting.  They did an encore of 5 songs.  What an awesome evening it was.  So glad we went.

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