Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Mitt Romney Rally!

You can say that we are a very political minded family.  Most all of us enjoy keeping up to date on anything in the political world.  With the big GOP election coming up and all the debates the candidates are having we have been glued to our TV.  We are constantly talking about each of the candidates, our likes and are many dislikes.

There is one candidate though that we are partial to and that is Mitt Romney. Well this past Monday evening our dream of seeing him in person became a reality.  Mitt Romney was having a real live rally right here in Mesa, Arizona at the Mesa Amphitheater.  We were so excited we could hardly stand it.  Ike, Spencer, Cameron & I headed down to the rally nice and early to make sure we made it into the venue he was going to be at. The kids also brought two friends.  The doors opened and we hurried inside and went directly to the front.  We got positioned in the very front row right next to the stage.

A band played for about an hour before Mitt Romney came to the stage.  He gave a wonderful speech and got everyone so excited.  There was at least 5000 people in attendance.  We were so close to the stage that we got the best pictures ever.  The best part of the whole night though was after he finished his speech he made his way down to the front row where we were and we all got to shake his hand.  Yes, I shook hands with possibly the next President of the United States.  It was so cool.  Here are a few pictures from the rally.

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