Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Last Eagle Has Landed!

We had a very special event occur this last week.  Cameron received his Eagle Scout Award.  With Cameron only being 13 years old that was quite the feat.  Last summer right after Cameron turned 13 he was bound and determined to get his project done.  After looking over many possible projects Cameron selected a really great one.  He chose to help a homeless shelter in Phoenix called the Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Because of the intense heat during the summer water seems to be by far their greatest need.  So Cameron made a goal of collecting 10,000 bottles of water for this shelter.  He began by securing several cooperate donations and ended up with about $800.  He was able to purchase 7 pallets of water from Costco with that money.  He then passed out over 500 flyers to our neighborhood as well as the surrounding ones.

On the designated Saturday him and about 30 scouts, friends and family collected the remaining cases of water from the neighborhoods.  By the end Cameron had 6 vehicles with trailers carrying over 22,000 bottles of water.  He more than doubled his goal of 10,000.  Here are a few pictures from that day.

This last Wednesday Cameron received his award and became an official Eagle Scout!  We are so proud of you Cameron.  Way to go!  

So I now am the proud mother of 3 sons that are all Eagle Scouts.  Not to mention the great example of their dad which is also an Eagle Scout.  

Cameron 2012

My other two Eagle Scout sons:  Spencer & Dallin

Spencer got his in 2010

Dallin got his in 2002

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