Monday, January 9, 2012

My Wish Came True!

I have been waiting for years for my very favorite restaurant Cafe Zupas to come to Arizona. Every time we have gone to Utah for the last 3 years we have eaten at Cafe Zupas. I would always ask them when are you going to build one in Arizona. They could never tell me when.

 Well thanks to Facebook I recently discovered that a Cafe Zupas was opening up in Phoenix and the Grand Opening was this last Saturday. Ike, Cameron and I went to the grand opening and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner. Then on Sunday I was talking about it to a few of my friends and before I knew it we had a whole group wanting to go for lunch today.

 So yes I have died and gone to heaven. Zupas is a short 25 miles now instead of 648 miles. The next best thing will be when they build one in the east valley where I live. So for now I will travel for my Zupas. Yes I do love my Cafe Zupas!


michelle said...

LOVED Cafe Zupas!!! Thank you for introducing it to me! I woke up thinking about the yummy soup! P.S. I am loving your blog! Your motivating me to start mine back up. :)

Nichole said...

I was so happy when they opened! Love that place! Way to go on the blog!

Tami said...

Tonya, I loved it! Thanks for a great lunch date, and allowing me to bring my little monster along as well. It was so yummy! I have to bring Todd sometime soon! :)