Monday, September 17, 2012

A Quick Getaway to Evergreen Colorado

This probably has been one of my favorite getaways in a long time. We had a credit with Southwest Airlines that was going to expire really soon. I told Ike for him to find a fun place we could go for a quick weekend trip. He googled it on the web and found Evergreen Colorado. I had never even heard of the little town. It was about 35 miles outside of Denver. Ike found the cutest little cabins called, "The Cabins at Country Road".

We flew out on a friday morning. Rented a car and drove to Evergreen. The cabins were absolutely adorable. The one we stayed in was called The Bootlegger Cabin. It was decorated so cute with old whisky barrels. The area around the cabin was like a little piece of heaven. There was a beautiful creek that ran right through it. The grass was green and the trees were huge and gorgeous. There were lounge chairs for us to use by the creek.  Even a hammock that Ike enjoyed.  There was a private hot tub that we also took advantage of each night. The property had a cute little cafe too that we ate at a few times. We stayed there for two nights.

On the first evening we explored the little town and ate at a fun steak house then went to a bar type setting and lightened to an area band play. The next day we again explored the area and did a little shopping. That night we attended a musical at a local playhouse in evergreen. The show was so good.  We loved it. The next day we checked out of our cabin and went an took the most beautiful scenic drive I ever had been on up to Mt. Evans. It was the highest paved road in north america. We ate lunch at the lake up there. We then headed down and back to the airport where we flew home. The weekend was quick but was so fun to explore a new city. It really was a great little getaway! Thanks honey for finding such a fun place for us to go!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Off to College Spencer Goes!

Ike and I had the wonderful opportunity to bring Spencer up to BYU-Idaho and get him all set up in his apartment and get him ready for his first year of college. We arrived on Friday and drove straight to Rexburg to his apartment. Spencer is living in a 6-man apartment in The Nauvoo House. He has 4 friends that our roommates from home. His personal roommate is Troy Hicks. Then there is Blake Randall, Mitchell Overson & Steven Delgado in the other rooms. They all get along great and seem like they are going to have an awesome year together. 
We got him all moved into his apartment as he ran off with his roommates to campus for some orientation stuff. Ike and I had fun unpacking and organizing Spencer’s side of the room. We got his computer & printer all working, set up his bed and organized all his personal stuff. 

We then headed to campus to the bookstore to buy a few things he needed. It was so fun being on campus with all the new freshmen. You could feel the excitement and anticipation in the air. Spencer had fun going to the orientation things, getting his ID card and picking up his textbooks. Ike and I continued to go shopping getting all the things Spencer would need for his apartment. That evening we went to dinner with all the boys and their parents.  It was a lot of fun.

On Saturday Ike and I headed to Idaho Falls to go to Sam’s Club to get Spencer groceries.  We kind of or should I say we really went overboard on food. We figured we would buy as much as possible because from then on out he was on his own.
We loaded up and headed back to Rexburg. We then made another run to Kmart for a few more items that Wal-Mart was out of. Just when we thought we were complete we found out that all the boys had nice pillowtops for their mattresses. Well of course we had to go get one for Spencer. Only problem was Rexburg was all out of them. So back to Idaho Falls to Sam’s Club we went. We got him a plush memory foam topper. He said it was heaven to sleep on. I am so glad we got it for him.

On Sunday we laid low from Spencer and let him go do his own ward for church. Ike and I went and found a family ward to attend. You would not believe how many wards there are in the little town of Rexburg. Crazy! We then went and picked up Spencer and ate lunch and brought him back to our hotel so Ike could give him a Father’s Blessing. We then brought him back to his apartment. We went and took naps and relaxed the rest of the afternoon.  Then the dreaded time came to go say goodbye to him and his roommates. I know Spencer is exactly where he needs to be but I won’t lie it was hard to leave that boy. I love him so much and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to raise him for these last 18 years. I just pray that we have taught him the necessities of life so he will find success in his future. 
Ike and I are on the plane as I type this and it is so hard to think we actually left Spencer behind or should I say we left him to begin a new chapter in his life. I know he will have a wonderful time and the experience he will have in college will be life changing for him. I guess this is good practice for when we will send him off on his mission in about 9 months.  May this year at college help set the foundation for him to find the incredible success that awaits him!  We love you Spencer Aaron Tippetts! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Family First Staycation

With Spencer leaving for college we wanted to do one last getaway with the family.  We were supposed to go to Zion’s to do the Narrows but with Cameron’s ankle injury we had to change plans.  We didn’t want to drive 8 hours to California so I decided I would find a resort close by and we would go there for our Labor Day Weekend Get-a-way. 

We went to the Arizona Grand Resort and spent 3 days there.  They had a huge water park that I thought the kids would enjoy.  We started the weekend off by eating up at Rustler’s Roost Steakhouse and then enjoyed a movie out by the pool.  On Saturday we just relaxed, ate, the boys worked out in the gym and Taylor and I hung out at the water park.  On Sunday we slept in, ate and headed home.  The best part was the 20-minute drive home to our house. 
Even though we did not do much that weekend we were together as a family so our mission was accomplished.  So for our first Staycation I feel it was a great success.