Friday, March 16, 2012

"Hanging in Hawaii" Springbreak 2012

This is just a teaser of our incredible week in Hawaii.  We have had so much fun and done so many things.  I will have a lot to blog later but for now here are a few teasers:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Splendid Spencer & Me Day!

I just couldn't go to bed tonight until I jotted a quick post about my day today. Both Spencer and I had doctor appointments in Scottsdale today. I picked him up from school and we headed to Scottsdale. We ate Subway on the way. Spencer's doctor visit was first with the ENT. Spencer was given the news that he needs a Septal Deviation Septoplasty, Sub Mucous Resection Turbinates and he needs to have his Maxillary Sinuses Opened. It sounds much more complicated then it really is. Spencer has had sinus issues for years so we are hoping this is the fix-all for them. This procedure will be done sometime in April. I had it done in December and it was a piece of cake, well sorta.

From the ENT we had time to waste so we decided to go shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  Spencer thought he died and went to heaven as we were driving through the parking lot. His eyes kept popping out at all the awesome cars he saw. Spencer loves nice cars and knows all the ins and outs of them.  He continued to name each and every sweet car and tell me why it was so great. We went to his favorite store which is Pac Sun and got him a few t-shirts and then found a few other things at another store. It was a good shopping day for Spencer. He got some very needed clothes. He keeps growing out of the ones he has.

Still needing to waste time we decided we needed a treat. What better than an ice cream cone from the famous Sugar Bowl in downtown Scottsdale. What a fun little ice cream shop. Reminds me of the 1950's little ice cream shops I saw on Happy Days. We both enjoyed a scoop of ice cream and then headed to my doctor's appointment around the corner.

My appointment was quick and then we were on our way back home.  It was a really fun afternoon with Spencer. He will be graduating this May so it made me think that my times with him are going to soon be coming to an end when he leaves for college this fall. Then after his year at college he will be off on his mission. I sure hope I can get a few more of these kind of days with him before he leaves. I love spending time with my kids.  Sometimes it is nice to just spent time with them one on one. Today was that day with Spencer and me. To top off a great day I saw a post that Spencer put on Facebook and thought to myself, "I think Spencer enjoyed the afternoon too!"

Amidst all the political turmoil, I firmly believe that a vote for moms is still the best way to secure a better future! I'm Spencer Tippetts and I approve this message! — with Tonya Thieme Tippetts.

Here are few senior pictures of Spencer!

Such a handsome young man if I say so myself! But then I am his Mother. For that I am so grateful!! And yes, I too approve this message!

The Stress of Family Vacations

Our family has had the opportunity to go on some really great vacations throughout our lives.  I am always amazed how stressful things get just before we are to go on a family vacation.  Aren't vacations meant for relaxing, having fun and making memories?  Why then is it so stressful getting ready for it?

A few days before we are to leave we get all the suitcases down from the closets and start the packing process.  Thank goodness my kids are old enough now that they can pack for themselves. I do always have to go over all the necessities that they need to pack.  Do you have your swim suit?  Did you pack your church clothes?  Did you remember your sandals?  Don't forget your headphones.  Remember your toothbrush. Pack enough underwear. The list goes on and on. 

It is a lot of work to get a family ready to leave on vacation. Don't get me wrong I am so grateful we get to go on vacation. But seriously does it have to be so stressful? You have to make sure the dogs are cared for. You have to have the mail and the newspaper stopped. You inform the neighbors to watch your house.  You have to get people to cover for you at church. You have to confirm flights.  Arrange transportation. Send in a vacation watch request to the police. Unplug all the appliances. Throw out perishables in the fridge. Empty the garbage. Turn some lights on. Turn the heat down. Make sure the dogs have enough dog food and water. Turn some music on in the house. I am sure I have left a few things out but I think you get the just of what I am saying. 

Vacations are the best and I would not trade the time I am going to get to spend with my family for anything.  I just wish it could be a little easier the few days before we leave.  So here is to family vacations: 

"A family vacation is one where you arrive with five bags, three 

kids and seven I-thought-you-packed-its."

By the way did I happen to mention where we are going?  We are heading to Hawaii for eight days.  We are going to the island of Oahu. We are staying at a beach house on Hukilau Beach in Laie

So get me through this week of stress so I can actually relax and enjoy the fun we as a family are going to have.  And if we forget something then oh well we must have not needed it anyway!  Aloha!

"Yes we are going to a Hukilau, a Huki Huki Huki Huki Hukilau!"

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Spencer's Senior Morp 2012

It's hard to believe that Spencer is really graduating this year. We are talking in less than three months. I guess it had not set in till I started thinking of all these last things he will be doing while in high school.  This activity falls into that category. Morp 2012. Spencer had the opportunity to go with Maddie Riggs.  They were in a very large group with lots of friends. It was a great group of kids that all had so much fun together. For their day date they went to Octane Speedway and drove real race cars around a super fun track. Spencer was in heaven because he loves cars. Then they went and had Crepe's.  The actual day of the date they went to Lolo's Chicken & Waffles for dinner. Then they were off to the dance.  The theme of the dance was Super Hero's.  Spencer & Maddie went as Captain America.  They had a great time.