Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting a Root Canal with Dr. Frost

Today I had to go get a root canal. This is about my 4th one so you would think I would be a pro at it by now. Nope not even close! I don't think you ever can get used to getting poked with needles, drills and having real chlorine bleach poured into your tooth. I was not looking forward to this but knew I had to have it done. Thank goodness I liked the doctor. Dr. Steven Frost who is the identical twin brother of our orthodontist Dr. Stuart Frost was the Endodontist that performed the procedure. These two doctors are freakishly identical. When you are with them you can barely tell them apart.

Dr. Frost was so kind and gentle through the whole procedure. He kept me very numb with at least 12 shots of Novocain and even supplied a warm blanket as I watched the morning news.

Here are the x-rays as he was performing the root canal of my tooth:

This is the root canal finished. I think it looked quite pretty if I don't say so myself. He even saved the crown that was on the tooth so I will not have to get a new one. I was very happy with my root canal. Although the numbness is wearing off quickly so I am off to take some ibphrophen. All part of a mom's day!

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Tami said...

Oh Tonya, I just love you! You make me laugh! Your tooth looks amazing & your endodontist is such a great sport!