Monday, April 23, 2012

Spencer's Incredible Senior Prom

What a fun weekend this has been at our house. Spencer had his final Senior Prom on Saturday. It came with fun, lots of excitement and lastly a "BIG" surprise at the end.

I am always amazed at the extent these boys go to make these dates happen. Spencer begun this senior prom date two weeks ago with going to the lake all day for their day date. He was in a great group of 11 couples.

They took two boats and spent the entire day at the lake. They had every detail planned from food to entertainment. I was really impressed how well they organized it. They had so much fun. I sure hope these girls know how lucky they were to have such a thoughtful group of boys. Here are a few shots from the day:

The big day finally came which was this last saturday. Spencer picked up Brittany Spencer at 4:15pm. All the couples were meeting at a park in Gilbert for pictures. Spencer was as handsome as ever as he was about to go pick up his date. He got to drive Ike's new car and was feeling pretty cool as you can see:

I followed Spencer to her house so I could take pictures there. Spencer was so precious. I stood a ways back so he could go to the door first without me. He turned to me and told me to come and stand right next to him because he was proud of me and was glad I was there with him. It made me feel so good. He was so confident as he picked her up. Here are a few pictures of it:

From her house we headed to a beautiful park in South Gilbert. We had Krista Richards there and she took some wonderful pictures. I had my camera and followed her around taking my own. These are the ones I took:

From the park we headed to Abraham's house. His mom Kristine had a friend that was a French chef and she had an incredible 8 course French dinner prepared that she was going to serve these kids. Several of us parents went over too to help serve. The backyard was decorated like Paris. It was so classy and the kids absolutely loved it. The dinner was just incredible. Every dish was very well thought out and decorated on the plate so nicely. We had so much fun serving them the whole evening. 

The night was getting a bit late so we hurried the last few courses and got the kids on their way. Spencer had been nominated for Prom King so he needed to be there for the big announcement. After they left I contemplated whether I should go or not. All the parents there at the house told me I would regret it if I did not go.  So yes I went to the prom. I hung outside with security for a bit. Up until my buddy the vice-principal heard I was outside and told me I had to come in because I was going to want to be there for sure when they announced it. So of course at this point I knew Spencer had won. She snuck me in and I hid in the corner until the results were announced. They crowned Spencer HHS Prom King 2012. I was there to snap a few shots. He was so excited and so was I. Here he is after being crowned!

Spencer had a wonderful evening. And to think about 4 years prior to this Ike and I were worried about Spencer because he never wanted to go hang out with friend or do anything on the weekends. Boy were we wrong. This young man is one outgoing and popular kid. I am so excited for him and the incredible man he is becoming. Spencer will always be my Prom King!

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