Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our 21st Anniversary-So Many Surprises

On Friday April 13th Ike and I celebrated our 21st anniversary. It is hard to believe it has been that long.  I started the day off by giving Ike my present. For 20 years Ike has had a liking of a life coach by the name of Tony Robbins. He has always loved listening and watching his DVD's and CD's. He has always dreamed of going to one of his seminars. I surprised Ike with a 4-day trip in July with me to go to "Unleash the Power Within" by Tony Robbins in San Jose, California. Ike was so excited he could hardly believe it. I also gave him a really neat book I made of our Adventure to Asia.

The day was awesome and only got better into the evening. Ike and I went and got massages early in the afternoon. Ike then told me that I needed to pack an overnight bag and that we would be leaving from Cameron's basketball game that evening. Ike surprised me and took me to the most beautiful resort I think we have ever been too. The Montelucia Spa & Resort in Paradise Valley behind Camelback Mountain. It was the most incredible resort ever.  

We first checked into our room. The rooms were very nice. We then headed down to their premiere restaurant called the Prado. It was a very elegant italian restaurant. Our waiter Joshua made the evening very special. We sat on the patio right by the fireplace. The ambiance was wonderful. We ate a delicious dinner and had a great dessert. Ike had another surpass up his sleeve. He gave me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings that matched my wedding ring. When we arrived back to our room there were rose pedals all over the room with a rose pedal heart on the covers of the bed. The night was perfect.  

The next day we worked out in the Joya Spa. Our view of the camelback mountains was what we enjoyed at as we rode the exercise bikes. Then we went and ate a delicious buffet breakfast at the Prado. We hung out by the pool for the remainder of our stay. What an amazing get-a-way we had. Ike outdid himself on this one. He definitely made this anniversary a special one!

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